Outlandnish Racing

One Derp. One Car.

Two Disciplines.

Time Attack + Drift.

Hi, I'm Nish.

And this is my BRZ.

I'm a 26 year old Indian-American who loves to get going fast and sideways.

I love developing my skills and showcasing my car in all types of motorsport.

You’ll find me at #GRIDLIFE TrackBattle, Super D: Midwest, and other awesome spots for track goodness.

I help organize Midwest 86 CUP. Join me in Street class to compete for all the glory.

Wanna hear more? Listen to my escapades and adventures on the Brakefast Club, which I co-host.

Good vibes and silly times.


The only duo in the Midwest to participate in time attack + drift

Time Attack

I'll be maximizing my seat time with coaching from open wheel drivers. You'll find me doing:

  • #GRIDLIFE TrackBattle
  • Global Time Attack
  • Test and Tune days at Autobahn Country Club


Coaching is once again the main priority. I'll be working on nailing down the drift line and increasing consistency during fun days as well as exhibitions.


I'll be working together with these partners in 2019 to make it a successful season.


  • GoPro
  • NVUS Images


  • GT Radial
  • CounterSpace Garage
  • Whiteline

Wanna work together?

Shoot me a message and let's chat!